MBL Housing and Development, Inc.
Real Estate Consultants

MBL Housing and Development LLC's mission is to create safe, decent and affordable housing for individuals and families. The firm partners with non-profit and for-profit developers, local municipalities, lenders, property management companies and architects to build new and rehabilitate existing, often historic, structures. MBL contributes to community revitalization by working with local, state, and federal agencies. MBL has successfully created thousands of new, affordable and attractive housing units for low to middle income people in dozens of Massachusetts communities. These projects have often served as a catalyst for more revitalization and have improved quality of life in their host communities.

MBL facilitates private investment in publicly beneficial projects by resolving complex development problems and securing incentive financing. The firm represents clients in direct negotiations with local, state, and federal governments and financial institutions. We specialize in resolving public policy issues and in leveraging private financing by assisting clients to access public resources. MBL provides clients with hands-on strategic technical assistance designed to assure that the client achieves stated objectives.